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SCATTER! / Thresholds Journal Issue 46 

MIT Press with MIT Department of Architecture / April 2018

Co-edited with Anne Graziano


With the understanding that architecture indeed moves within ever-changing boundaries, Thresholds 46 looks to investigate, expand and imagine the histories, futures, means and methods by which architecture gets around. Thresholds 46: Scatter! looks at the history of architectural dissemination, while holding our gaze to a swift, saturated and scattered connectivity. Asking, w­hat modes of circulation were employed in various periods of history to elevate and publicize an architecture? How was architecture distributed by actors and vehicles that are both foreign to its discourse or an essential part of it? What is the power of non-architectural documents such as cartographies, letters, stamps or money in the distribution of architectural knowledge? And what can we learn from accidents in which architectural knowledge broke loose from its constraints, reaching unimagined publics and scattering to unintended realms?

For the journal and free access to the introduction click here

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